It has been 1 and a half months since I’ve ‘stopped’ comic book reading and collecting. I realised, too late, that I was focusing on it way more than I should and it affected my education greatly. Also, in my opinion I was wasting a lot of time and money behind them. I have realised…

Detective Comics #571

Series: Detective Comics Release Date: February 1987 Penciller/Inker: Alan Davis Writer: Mike W. Barr The tombstone Batman imagines for Jason Todd says 1974–1986, which tells us Jason is 12 at this time. This issue is the first appearance of Scarecrow Scarecrow has always been in my Top 5 Batman villains list and I am ECSTATIC…

Batman/The Shadow #1

Series: Batman/The Shadow 2017 Release Date: April 26 2017 Art by: Riley Rossmo Written by: Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando 

The World’s Greatest Detective meets…The World’s Greatest Detective???

Inhumans Prime #1

Series: Inhumans Prime (2017) Sale Date: March 29th 2017 Penciller: Ryan Sook Written By: Al Ewing

Green Lantern/Space Ghost

Series: Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual (2017) Sale Date: March 29 2017 Art: Ariel Olivetti, Howard Chaykin Written By: Chris Selba, James T Tynion IV, Howard Chaykin