True Believers: Hulk #181 (Reprint)

Original Release Date: November 1974

Reprint Release Date: February 1st 2017

Original Penciller: Herb Trimpe

Original Writer: Len Wein 

First thing first, an original high graded copy goes for minimum £2600 on the internet…

I recently bought the reprint version of this £2600 comic book for..uh..65p…

Hopefully i manage to keep it safe and in pristine condition for the next 70 years when it maybe becomes properly valuable.

The only reason it goes for so much is because it’s the first full appearance of WOLVERINE.  Basically this is what happens:

  1. Wolverine is sent to knock Hulk out
  2. Hulk is too hench for Wolverine
  3. Wolverine decides to go knock out the Wendigo, a monster Hulk was trying to beat up.
  4. Hulk the stupid buffon thinks wolverine’s trying to help him and he knocks the Wendigo out with him.
  5. Wolverine says, “Oi, lad listen mate, imma shank you now, you’re not part of my crew.”
  6. Now two randomers come and knock them both out with chemicals.
  7. Hulk becomes Not Hulk
  8. The randomer tries to use Not Hulk for some weird ass tribal ceremony.
  9. Hugh Jackman wakes up and Not Hulk turns back into Hulk and they fight again
  10. Some weird AF sacrifice ceremony happens and the Wendigo turns out to be a human and stuff.

As one can see from this detailed telling of Hulk #181, the story was a bit ‘Meh’ but the fight scenes from the comic were sik fam.



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