Series: Detective Comics

Release Date: March 1987

Penciller/Inker: Alan Davis

Writer: Mike W. Barr

Batman and Robin travel to England to stop a plot from Professor Moriarty’s evil descendant to murder Queen Elizabeth. Batman succeeds in taking down Moriarty Jr. with help from Detective Slam Bradley, The Elongated Man and Sherlock himself!

This jam packed bumper issues is split into these parts:

  1. Chapter One (Slam Bradley and Batman)
  2. Chapter Two (Slam Bradley)
  3. The Adventure of the Lost Adventure! (Elongated Man)
  4. The Adventure of the Red Leech (Sherlock Holmes) – This is set in the past
  5. Chapter 5: God Save the Kingdom! (Batman and Co.)

The main story of the book is 1,2,3 and 5. They all link together and tie up Chapter 5. Only after i got to chapter Five did i realise that the characters known to Batman as Moriarty and Mary Watson are the descendants of the original Moriarty and Watson, as the writer cleverly abstains from using first names.

The cover itself is a work of art, even though (as most comic books do) it reflects the story in no way whatsoever, having Batman and Sherlock working together tingles my insides. Also the little Easter egg of the first appearance of Batman hung up on the wall makes it an interesting cover.

This book has automatically soared to the top and become my favourite comic book in my collection! Even though it my be worth £6 – £15, this book means the world to me! One day i hope to get it signed by modern Sherlock himself, Beneficial Cabbage-patch.



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