The Flash #21: The Button Part Two

Series: The Flash 2016 (Rebirth)

Sale Date: April 26 2017

Art:Howard Porter

Written By: Joshua Williamson

“THE BUTTON” part two! The cataclysmic events of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 continue here! The Dark Knight and The Fastest Man Alive, the two greatest detectives on any world, unite to explore the mystery behind a certain blood-stained smiley button embedded in the Bat cave wall. What starts as a simple investigation turns deadly when the secrets of the button prove irresistible to an unwelcome third party—and it’s not who anyone suspects! It’s a mystery woven through time, and the ticking clock starts here!

Another amazing issue from DC Comics, The Flash #21 didn’t fail to disappoint. I found the scene where Batman was clinging onto the Cosmic Treadmill quite amusing. I think this issue has the perfect amount of beginning, middle and end, what i mean by this is that, the first splash page is perfectly laid out with Barry Allen investigating the fight between Batman and Thawne, the story doesn’t move too slowly but rather has a slight pace to it. In my opinion this is the perfect speed it should be.


The ending was almost spoilt with the release of variant covers for Batman #22 Button Part 3 but i still found the moment breathtaking where BatDad meets BatSon! Writing this post makes me want their to be a whole new comic series on Thomas Wayne’s Batman Adventures in the Flashpoint Universe, if not hopefully we get to see our resident Batman meet Flashpoint Characters like Martha Wayne, The Joker.




All in all, another awesome issue from DC, it’s funny how between Part 1 and 2 of the Button Saga you can really see the difference in art and writing styles, Batman with a more dark, enclosed and grim tone but Flash adopting a light, very ‘spacious’ filter. Call me insane but i enjoy reading Batman without any direct light coming at me, sitting in the dark, really adds to the experience!




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