Batman/The Shadow #1

Series: Batman/The Shadow 2017
Release Date: April 26 2017
Art by: Riley Rossmo
Written by: Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando 

Two of history’s greatest vigilantes are reunited at last! Murder has come to Gotham City, and Lamont Cranston appears to be the culprit…but he’s been dead for over fifty years! Batman will go to the ends of the Earth to unravel the mystery of Cranston’s life, but the mysterious Shadow will do everything in his power to stop him from learning too much…
I myself don’t know much about the shadow but hopefully this comic series will each me, also after reading this issue i really hope The Shadow gets more recognition in the comic book world, seeing as he’s been paired with DC’s biggest superhero.
The story in this ‘crime noir’ is really interesting and mysterious. At the moment i’m finding the Shadow to be a weak gimicky character but i hope this view changes after i’ve read the series.
My favourite scene was the beginning scene with the Arkham inmates receiving their lunch and Two Face being a d=fan of Stadium Hot Dogs…
Also in this issue we get to see Batman’s crime scene analysis tech thingy in use, to be honest i’m not the biggest fan of Batman, The World’s Greatest Detective using this type of technology to debunk a crime scene but I understand that to keep Batman up with the times and also keep the story moving writers have little choice.
The best scene in this whole issue definitely was when the Shadow was on the rooftop fighting Batman, heck the whole rooftop fight scene was amazing!
Batman Shadow capture 1
Not sure if the HA HA HA was a homage to the Joker but then again nothing in comic books is by coincidence…
6/10 (Hey not a fan of The Shadow…yet…)

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