Shadowhawk III #1

Character created by: Jim Valentino

This comic book is the first Image comic book i ever bought, when i discovered my local comic shop i saw that they had a box of £1 Image comics and i really wanted to read one but  i didn’t know which one to buy. So later that day i researched Image comic characters and came across Shadowhawk who appealed to me the most out of their roster. The first time round i only bought one comic book (<—-This one) and it was an #1 of Shadowhawk’s 3rd series so i had a good start to the character. Fast forward a few weeks and i had cleared out the comic shop’s Shadowhawk collection 😀 I even managed to snag a Spawn and Shadowhawk crossover!


Shadowhawk is an extremely underrated character, as it belong to a lesser known comic publisher and comes after characters more known from Image like Spawn and Savage Dragon. I think DC should buy Shadowhawk as he’d fit nicely in the dark grizzly world of DC. Just look at him! He’s a Metal Wolverine Batman!!!

Name: Shadowhawk
Identity: Paul Johnstone (The 1st)
First Appearance: Youngblood #2 1992

-Augmented Agility
-Augmented Strength
-Completely Bulletproof
-Utility belt with medication and shrukins

Noteable Points:
-Paul was infected with the AIDS virus which ultimately lead him to become Shadowhawk
-Shadowhawk had appeared in many crossovers including Shadowhawk #17 with Spawn
-Shadowhawk’s main enemy was ‘Hawk’s Shadow’, a racist psychopath
-Originally Shadowhawk would break criminal’s spines but later he learnt no human can play the role of judge, jury and executioner.

Paul Johnstone grew up as a troubled youth in Harlem, New York. He avoided a life of crime due because of the influence by Richard Woodroe, who was assigned as a caseworker to Paul when he was caught stealing. Eventually Paul became a lawyer, dealing with various criminals, he eventually encountered a group of mobsters, he ended up the target of an assault intended to serve as an example to others who got in the way of the mobsters. In the end his attackers injected him with HIV-infected blood.

Shadowhawk as a character: 9/10

Shadowhawk as a comic book: 9/10


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