Detective Comics #571


Series: Detective Comics

Release Date: February 1987

Penciller/Inker: Alan Davis

Writer: Mike W. Barr

  • The tombstone Batman imagines for Jason Todd says 1974–1986, which tells us Jason is 12 at this time.
  • This issue is the first appearance of Scarecrow

Scarecrow has always been in my Top 5 Batman villains list and I am ECSTATIC that i have first appearance in my possession! This issue follows Batman and the second Robin, Jason Todd, on a classic detective case after Batman found something up with the number of casualties occurring in Gotham,

Batman’s first encounter with Scarecrow was shocking, Scarecrow’s toxin had gotton into Batman and grew stronger and stronger whilst he was looking for the kidnapped Robin. Also the Scarecrow toxin used in this episode is a toxin which makes the person feel like he can accomplish anything without having fear of anything.

I feel like this issue portrays Scarecrow really well as readers really get to see his

  • Intellect
  • Madness
  • Slyness
  • Power

All in all i am really happy i bought this book and would definitely recommend it.



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